Learning to Write

Handwriting Skills Package

1000 PLN

20 games

Handwriting Skills Package combines great fun with study. Pupils make quicker progress in writing skills. The games have been specially designed in order to simultaneously support the development of fine motor skills (i.e. appropriate development of hand dexterity) and eye-hand coordination (i.e. hand-eye cooperation). Interactive pens help them to learn how to write, colour pictures, match relevant elements and point out correct words.

This package can be used with highest-level kindergarten groups as well as with first graders.

Package contents:

Searching for figures
Connecting the dots
Coloring pages
Stars in the sky
Letter blocks
Hidden letters
Alphabet hunt
Car track
By the river
Moving discs
Shiny stars
Painting the picture
Twisted paths
School board
Greedy spiders
Stacking words
Drawing block