Baby First Package: small steps, big development

In the world of toddlers, every step in development is like the first step on undiscovered ground. That is why we are proud to present the Baby First Package, created in collaboration with the US-based Baby First TV, which specialises in content for children aged 0-3 years. This is an extraordinary set of 6 games that not only engage but also develop the youngest children in a thoughtful and tailored way.

Cooperation with Baby First TV

This unusual partnership with America’s Baby First TV means that the Baby First Package is not just a collection of games, but also a piece of the same magic that fascinates toddlers on screen. It is an invitation to a world of childlike wonder, where each exercise is a new educational adventure.

Recommended for kindergartens, nurseries and playrooms:

The Baby First package is an ideal tool for preschools, nurseries and playrooms. It was created for places where fun and the development of young minds is paramount. The games included in the package are tailored to the specific nature of the little ones, making them not only educational, but also full of joy and smiles.

Coloring, pointing, playing hide and seek

The games in the Baby First Package are interactive exercises to develop eye-hand coordination and perception. Toddlers have the opportunity to colour simple pictures, match them to sounds and play hide and seek. It is not just about fun, but about learning through the sheer joy of exploring the world.

Development of eye-hand coordination

The age of 0-3 is a time of intense development, especially when it comes to eye-hand coordination. The Baby First package is designed to support this process. Games involving the child in painting, matching and movement play are an irreplaceable contribution to the development of little minds and bodies.

Package contents:
Peek a boo - A kuku
Rainbow horse - colours
Benia Bear - sounds
Sammy & Eve - warm-cold game
Tillie the Duck - animals
Goo Goo - cars