Ecology Package: fun, education, environmental protection

The Eco Package is a journey into the world of caring for the planet, building environmental awareness from an early age. Prepared for the education of pre-school and primary school students. This package is key to understanding how we can protect our planet.

Building environmental awareness

Ask yourself: where does environmental pollution come from? The Eco Package answers this question by presenting 10 games that build environmental awareness. Children learn about the effects of human activities on the planet and how they can counteract pollution.

Learning to segregate waste

Segregation of rubbish is a key element of environmental protection. The Eco Package not only teaches children why it is important to separate waste, but also does so in an interesting and modern way. The games introduce the principles of segregation, teaching how we can effectively care for our planet from an early age.

The difference between a damaged and a clean environment

Everyone wants to live in a clean and beautiful environment. The Eco Package allows children to see the difference between a littered and a tidy environment. The games are a window into understanding why it is important to keep the area around you clean and tidy.

Habits supporting environmental care

The most important thing is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to instil habits that will foster care for the environment. The Eco Package is not just about theory, it is also about practical exercises that shape environmental habits. Children are learning how small everyday activities can make a huge difference to our planet.

Package contents:

Generate energy

Cleaning up the beach
Save the tree
Organic tomatoes
What takes longer?
What's more eco?
Waste segregation
Wase decomposition
Cleaning up the forest
Rubbish in the river