Get to know the interactive floor! With FunFloor, every step becomes an adventure.

Today, technology plays a key role in education, enabling teachers and students to explore new ways of learning and playing. One of the newest and most fascinating solutions is FunFloor – an interactive carpet that takes education to a completely new level.

A new dimension of education - learning through play

We believe in the power of education through play. Our interactive floor combines learning and entertainment, enabling children and adults to develop skills in a creative and interactive way. Solving puzzles, exploring new areas, developing motor skills – these are just some of the possibilities offered by FunFloor. Therefore, learning ceases to be an obligation and becomes a passion.

We have collected activities that children love. We compared them with the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and it turned out that learning and teaching can be really enjoyable.

Teachers understand that it is difficult for children to maintain attention for a long time, which is why they have long been looking for ways to diversify lessons and educational activities. FunFloor went one step further. We have created an interactive floor where children, while playing games, learn standard school subjects, as well as modern skills such as programming, coding , creativity, and caring for the environment .

Educators have control over what is happening on the interactive floor, and children are much more likely to master the material that is programmed into the engaging games.

Psychological opinion

Game packages for the FunFloor Interactive Floor

Our collection includes over 500 different games, creating unique experiences for everyone! Game packages for the FunFloor Interactive Floor are not only educational games, but also therapeutic games, tailored to the needs of seniors and those that allow you to enjoy pure entertainment. Whether you are passionate about science, an adventure seeker, or just want to spend time in a fun atmosphere, we have something for you. 

Join us and discover the fascinating world of FunFloor, where the fun is unlimited and the selection of games surprises with diversity and creativity!