Revalidation and Therapy Package

Revalidation and Therapy Package

1 300 PLN

25 games

Revalidation and Therapy Package is a set of interactive activities which improve dysfunction treatment as well as perception development. At the same time, it supports attention span based on the visual-kinesthetic analyzer. As it is developed on the basis of scientific research, knowledge and personal experience, Revalidation and Therapy Package becomes a unique and substantive help in therapeutic work with children suffering from developmental deficits.

It will facilitate teachers’ work greatly if they can make classes more attractive e.g. by arousing children’s curiosity, building new skills on children’s current knowledge, or using gradual transition to a higher level.

Package contents:

Paint a rainbow
Check out what I can do
Complete the picture
Match the shapes
Match the pattern
Who lives here
The word for the letter
Morse alphabet
Furnish the room
Near and far
Mound of the mole
Point out the difference
Connect the pictures
Searching for objects
Ice cream flavors
Complete the letters
Animals and letters
Find the words