Brain Development Package: develops memory, stimulates creativity

During the magical period of childhood, a toddler’s mind is like a sponge, ready to absorb every drop of knowledge and experience. The child is eager to reach for new challenges, ready to overcome each puzzle with pride. It is now, when the little mind is most open to learning, that it is worth investing in its development. The Brain Development Package is not just a set of games – it is the key to a solid foundation for your child’s future.

Absorption of the child's mind

A child’s mind is like an open book, ready for each chapter. It is now the toddler who happily absorbs every new piece of information and enjoys solving every puzzle. This is a time when we can support the natural motivation to learn and develop the skills that will be the foundation for future success.

Developing motor coordination

It is worth investing in developing motor coordination, as it is the key to future success. The Brain Development Package not only improves a child’s motor function, but also influences the development of other important abilities such as concentration, self-discipline and memory. The games in the package engage arms, legs and the whole body, shaping precision and agility.

Self-knowledge and self-control

Brain development is also a lesson in self-control and self-knowledge. The games in the Brain Development Package teach toddlers to understand their own capabilities, motivating them to overcome their own limitations. It is not only about developing the mind, but also about building a strong emotional foundation.

Memory and concentration

Support for memory and concentration are undeniable strengths of the Brain Development Package. Introducing a variety of activities, tailored to the child’s age and ability, the programme focuses on making learning not only effective but also fascinating.

Package contents:
1. Cup
2. sad
3. The game
of ships
4. Dizzy with colours
5. Treasure hunt
6. Short-term
7. Win an enchanted orchard
8. counting
in memory
9. quick
10. squares
11. The first the better
12. falling