Polyvinyl mat

A white, roll-out polyvinyl mat highlights the colours of the projected image. It makes the image clearer and more visible. It is also easily washable. It measures 200 cm × 270 cm.

Interactive short pen

Activated the moment it touches the ground. It is used, for example, with the Learning to Write package.

Interactive long pen

The pointer features a button to switch the writing and marking function on and off. Works perfectly with any game package.

FunFloor Mobile Tripod

A 100% safe and stable tripod for the FunFloor Mobile. It has rubber castors and the specially selected height makes the unit easy and simple to move between rooms.

Wall mount bracket

Allows for the additional option of installing the FunFloor EDU Interactive Floor. Especially where it is not possible to mount an interactive floor to the ceiling.

Additional remote control

The FunFloor Interactive Floor is operated by a remote control. The unique shape and ergonomic button layout make using the remote control extremely comfortable. The remote control runs on commonly available AAA-type batteries, making it easy to replace.