English Language Package: discover the world without limits

In a world where English is becoming the key to global communication, learning the language does not have to be monotonous. The English Package is a journey through the fascinating world of words, phrases and emotions. Prepared by experienced philologists and educators, it is the ideal companion for both preschoolers and primary school students.

100 games - divided into 30 thematic sections

When it comes to variety, the English Package is second to none. It contains as many as 100 games divided into 30 sections that support the learning of English in a thoughtful and enjoyable way. Every game is a new adventure, every section is another step towards fluent communication in English.

For pre-school and primary school pupils

Learning English is a process that starts from the earliest years. Dedicated to both preschoolers and primary school students, the English Package is a versatile tool that develops language skills at every stage of education.

Rich vocabulary

The more than 500 vocabulary words in the English Package are not just a number – they are a wealth of English vocabulary that has been embedded in everyday contexts. The games help to assimilate not only the words themselves, but also the application of the words in practice, teaching communication in English from an early age.

Games based on associations

Knowledge assimilated by association becomes easier to remember. The English Package uses this principle to create association-based games that teach and entertain at the same time. The emotions that accompany the game help to consolidate the language skills acquired.

Einstein Test - check what you already know

At the end of each section, the Einstein Test awaits the student. It is not only a test of knowledge, but also an additional way to consolidate the skills acquired. Tests are tailored to the level and the results help to monitor learning progress.

Package contents:
Times of day
Einstein's Test
Pick an activity
Match the pictures
Yes or no
Einstein's Test
Falling balloons
Colouring a rainbow
Colourful treasures
Colouring books
Einstein's Test
Number detectives
Floory and muffins
Sorting of collections
Slot machine
Einstein's Test
Catch geometric figures
Find the shapes
Face made of shapes
Flying shapes
Einstein's Test
Underwater world
Puzzle pieces
Animal sounds
Einstein's Test
In a toy shop
Find the toys
What is missing?
Einstein's Test
Family tree
Get to know the family
Einstein's Test
Identify body parts
Memorize the face
Who ate the cookie?
Einstein's Test
Cleaning the room
Cleaning the kitchen
Where is the ghost?
Einstein's Test
In the food store
In the vegetable shop
What's missing from the fridge?
Which word doesn't fit?
Einstein's Test
Dressing up a doll
In the clothing store
Einstein's Test
Find a face
Match emotions
Einstein's Test
Match/does not match
Einstein's Test
Day and night
Einstein's Test
Climbing wall
Einstein's Test
Climbing up a mountain
Einstein's Test
Find the differences
Where is Floory?
Einstein's Test
Fast to the finish line
Einstein's Test
Policeman, fireman, doctor
Einstein's Test
Match the balls to sports
Einstein's Test
In the bathroom
My daily activities
Einstein's Test
Help Funny and Floory
Einstein's Test
In the room
Einstein's Test
Organise your pencil case
What's missing from in the classroom?
Einstein's Test
Looking for gifts
Einstein's Test
Cause and effect
Cure the child
Einstein's Test
Play an instrument
Einstein's Test
Letter puzzles
Match letters in the word
Letter detectives
Einstein's Test
Recognise opposing characteristics
Find opposite words
Einstein's Test