EDU Package: space for the joy of education

The EDU Package was created on the basis of the Ministry of Education’s core curriculum. It provides a revolutionary tool to help children discover the world in an attractive way. It is an extraordinary treasure trove of knowledge, containing as many as 50 educational games. Each game is a new adventure, full of interesting facts and great learning opportunities. It is not just about quantity, it is above all about quality, with the aim of igniting curiosity and a passion for knowledge.

One of the main objectives of the EDU Package is to stimulate curiosity about the world around us. Educational games take children on a fascinating journey where they can discover the ins and outs of science, art, culture and also the rules of society. Learning without inspiration is just steps in place. The EDU Package not only provides information, but also inspires people to learn and deepen their knowledge. Each game is an opportunity to learn through enjoyment and fascinating challenges.

In society, it is not only mathematical or linguistic skills that are crucial, but also personal culture. The EDU Package conveys the basic principles of culture and teaches respect for other people, animals and the environment. It’s not only education, it is above all the shaping of values and attitudes.

Package contents:
Fun in the shop
Causes and effects
In the bathroom
At the table
In the toilet
Dressing the doll
Room cleaning
Odd one ut
Vegetables and fruits
Cure the child
Building evacuation
Crossing the road
Running away from the tiger
A safe place to play
Colorful piano
Musical instruments
Falling paintings
Building a house
Grow a plant
Numbers from 0 to 5
Addition and subtraction
Which fruit is the biggest?
Which fruit is the smallest?
Who is the tallest?
Who is the shortest?
Day and night
Letter detectives
Find the difference
Recognize the shapes
Compass directions
Polish cities
Recognize the national flag