What is FunFloor Interactive Flooring?

FunFloor Interactive Flooring is an advanced multimedia device which amazingly transforms any floor space into a thrilling interactive world.

It consists of a projector, motion detector system, specially designed software and a computer – all of which are set into one casing. The adapted technology allows to move about on the displayed image which senses our movements.

Why is FunFloor the best choice?

  • FunFloor designed the first Interactive Floor projection in 2009. Since then we have been setting trends for the interactive floor advancements in Poland.
  • We take care of designing both the device itself as well as the software it should run. That is why we can create an Interactive Floor projection specifically for your individual needs.
  • Projectors in our devices are placed horizontally, which maintains proper ventilation. It also results in longer product life and correct system functioning.

Who is Interactive FunFloor intended for?

Schools Kindergartens Nursery schools

Revalidation Rehabilitation Therapy treatment

Activation of seniors Nursing home care Community centre

Play centres Restaurants Hotels

Dla firm

Gym and fitness Sport clubs Primary schools (PE lessons)

Choose your FunFloor Interactive Floor Kit

FunFloor EDU

FunFloor Mobilny

FunFloor Premium